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Storage Tips

To make your storage and/or moving experience a good one, we’ve compiled a list of storage tips (below). Don’t forget to print and use our coupon.

1. Try to fill boxes to their capacity. Boxes that are irregular or that are not solid when full will have a tendency to tip or collapse. Use large boxes for items that are light in weight (sheets, pillows, etc.), and smaller boxes for books and heavy tools. Glass items such as china or dishes should be wrapped with clean packing paper or bubble wrap.

2. Carefully plan your storage space. Put items that require easy access in front of your room. Plan walkways in larger rooms. Try not to pack the room too tight. Leave some room for air to circulate.

3. Take inventory of everything that is packed and label the boxes. Number the boxes for easy reference. This will not only help when you are looking for something in storage, but will also make it easy when moving to your final destination.

4. Consult with our storage professional should you have any questions or special needs. His knowledge and experience may reduce any anxiety you may be experiencing.

5. When using self storage, take advantage of the entire space available. Some rooms have ceilings over eight feet high. 

6. Strict fire prevention codes prohibit the storage of any combustibles, explosives, perishables, or liquids. 

7. Disassemble furniture to allow it to fit into smaller areas.

8. Wrap sensitive items in plastic.

9. Stack mattresses, sofas, and loveseats on end to save floor space. Wrap cushions in plastic and place on top of furniture.

10. Use climate control units for sensitive items.

*Should you have any questions, just ask to speak to one of our storage professionals